On May 28, a group of Russian customers visited our factory to inspect and accept a knuckle boom marine crane. Max Xu, General Manager of OUCO, and Natalie, Key Account Manager, warmly received the guests. Here’s a summary of the inspection.

The crane, designed for outboard lifting operations, has the following specifications:

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 2.85t14m

  • Lifting Speed: 15m/min

  • Lifting Height: 50 meters

  • Operating Conditions: Suitable for temperatures as low as -20°C

  • Features: Supports remote control and operates stably in sea state 3 

Russian Customers Visit and Accept 2.85T14M Knuckle Boom Crane (13).jpg

Russian Customers Visit and Accept 2.85T14M Knuckle Boom Crane (8).jpg

The customers thoroughly inspected the crane's base, boom, painting, and various functions. The load test proceeded smoothly, and the crane’s excellent performance earned high praise, leading to successful acceptance by the customers.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of OUCO’s product quality, Max Xu personally led a tour of our manufacturing workshop, explaining the cutting, assembly, load testing, and other production processes in detail.

Following the workshop tour, Natalie presented OUCO's corporate culture, development history, technical strength, and pre-sales and after-sales service system in a conference room. They highlighted cooperation cases of interest to the customers. OUCO technicians joined the discussion to go over technical parameters and confirm requirements for the customers' new projects.

Russian Customers Visit and Accept 2.85T14M Knuckle Boom Crane (11).jpg

Russian Customers Visit and Accept 2.85T14M Knuckle Boom Crane (6).jpg

The visit concluded with an in-depth discussion on future cooperation. The customers expressed their appreciation for OUCO's professionalism and manufacturing capabilities, looking forward to future collaborative projects and a win-win partnership.

OUCO continues to invest in advanced manufacturing equipment, enhancing our production capacity and efficiency. Our skilled workers hold internationally recognized qualifications and certifications.

We welcome customers from around the world to visit our factory in Wuxi, which is two hours by car from Shanghai and just half an hour by high-speed rail. We offer transportation arrangements, including pick-up and accommodation services, to ensure a convenient visit.

OUCO’s marine engineering products are exported to markets worldwide, including Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We invite more domestic and international customers to visit our factory and explore potential collaborations!

Russian Customers Visit and Accept 2.85T14M Knuckle Boom Crane!
Time: 2024-06-03
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