Production & Manufacture

In order to serve overseas customers better, our company set up a foreign trade department in 2016, mainly consisting of foreign trade sales and after-sales technicians.


Pre-sale Service:


Responding time: OUCO foreign trade sales offer 12 hours quick pre-sales response and free consulting. Any kind of technical support are available for users.


Free solution: We offer progressing solution design to all the distributor and users winthin 24 hours.


CustomizationOffering customized solutions to tailor the crane to the customer's unique needs, which may include modifications, attachments, or additional features.


Quotations and Proposals: Assisting in estimating the project costs, and providing detailed quotations and proposals that outline the scope of work, equipment specifications, and pricing.


Project Planning: Assist with project planning and logistics, and continually report on production progress.


After-Sales Service:


Rapid Response: Our dedicated after-sales technicians stand ready to assist you 24/7.


Quality Assurance: During the warranty period, we offer free guarantee repairs, covering both labor and materials. Even beyond the warranty period, we provide reasonably priced spare parts and maintenance services.


Spare Parts Availability: To minimize downtime, we provide essential spare parts along with our products, ensuring you have what you need when you need it.


Technical Proficiency: To empower you with the skills to operate our products effectively, we offer complimentary, comprehensive technical training.


Proactive Monitoring: During the warranty period, our dedicated after-sales team 


Software Excellence: We are committed to the lifelong maintenance of your controlling system. 


On-Site Support: Our service extends to on-site assistance and installation instructions.

Our version: To deliver the best possible products for the best possible price and quality. 



How to control our quality?


1. European Standard.


We are competitive as we use European compoents in our products according to customer requirements .The designing and building process is guided and monitored by the European standard, such as EX/ATEX requirements.


3. Internationally Certified Welder.


In order to ensure the welding quality of the product structure, each welder of our company has the qualification of international certification.



2. Flaw Detection.


Our company has a uniform standard for all structural parts, and must be tested flaw detection before painting, such as RT, DP, UT.



4.Manufacturing Equipment


OUCO utilizes advanced machinery such as a large gantry five-sided machining center, CNC floor boring machine, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC flame and plasma cutting machines, CNC vertical lathe, and a double-beam crane. With the integration of international cutting-edge processing and testing equipment, our stringent quality control measures guarantee impeccable quality for each shipped equipment piece.