Established in February 1982, OUCO Industry boasts a sprawling facility spanning 48,000 square meters, with a construction area of 35,000 square meters.


OUCO is headquartered in Jiangsu Province, which represents China's most advanced machinery manufacturing level.


With a dedicated team of over 150 employees, including 20 technical staff members—five holding senior titles and ten with mid-level titles—OUCO demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Additionally, 50 welders possess certifications from renowned institutions such as CCS and ABS. The company also boasts certified flaw detection staff, quality system audit personnel, and inspection experts.


OUCO specializes in delivering top-notch handling equipment and one-stop solutions for the ship, port and maritime industries.


With in-house capabilities for development, design, and manufacturing of marine and port equipment, our product range includes marine cranes, winches, grab buckets, container spreaders, davits, and port hoppers. These products find applications across diverse industries, including metallurgy, shipbuilding, ports, electricity, petroleum, building materials, and chemicals.


Operating globally, OUCO has subsidiaries in multiple countries, strategically serving clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. The company boasts an impressive annual output capacity of 11,000 tons for steel structure production.

Our cranes and port equipment embarked on a global journey, reaching the world through trusted trading partners.

Guaihai's grab buckets, container spreaders, and eco-hoppers found homes in the bustling ports of China, transforming the landscape of cargo handling.

Three subsidiaries merged to form the mighty OUCO Industry Group, with "OUCO" securing its place as a registered trademark of distinction.

Brand & Cooperation


Wuxi Linglong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established, based on processing industry.


Our first truck crane production line rolled into action, marking a pivotal moment in our ascent.


We ventured into uncharted waters, ushering in an era of marine crane and port equipment manufacturing.


Our cranes captured the hearts of the domestic market, earning their place in countless industries.


Jiangsu Guanhai Heavy Industry and Technology Co., Ltd. emerged, giving birth to a legacy of exceptional port equipment production. Our name, "Guaihai," was etched as a celebrated trademark across China.



Jiangsu OUCO Marine and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. came to life, and with it, the production of cutting-edge desulfurization and denitration equipment.



Exports soared to half of our total output value, prompting the establishment of our dedicated foreign trade department—a union of sales and after-sales experts.


To better serve our global clientele, our sales team expanded yet again, and saw the birth of our dynamic marketing department.


With increasing orders and soaring sales, OUCO proudly ascended to the pinnacle as China's leading and globally renowned marine crane manufacturer.


As we set our sights on more ambitious horizons, our global footprint grows ever wider, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.