This month, OUCO has successfully shipped three 39 cubic meter Dust Control Eco Hoppers from the Suzhou Zhangjiagang Port to Japan, Osaka Port, it marks a major achievement in the field of harbor dust management.

OUCO ECO hopper Shipping Process (1).jpg

Following the completion of manufacturing, the customer conducted a thorough inspection at the port, ensuring all hoppers met stringent quality standards. Once approved, OUCO efficiently loaded and shipped the hoppers, completing the process in a day and a night. The customer in Japan has now received the shipment successfully.

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OUCO's Eco Hoppers feature unique cyclone dust removal technology, designed to clean dust generated during unloading operations effectively. This system is particularly adept at handling fine dust particles, ensuring a cleaner work environment and improving overall dust management efficiency.

OUCO specializes in designing and producing customized cyclone de-dusting funnels to meet the specific needs of customers worldwide. With extensive experience, OUCO’s solutions offer a dust collection efficiency of over 85% and a dust removal efficiency of 99%.

OUCO ECO hopper Shipping Process (2).jpg

Effective dust control not only reduces environmental pollution and health risks for workers but also improves operational efficiency by minimizing equipment wear and tear. OUCO’s advanced technology ensures significant cost savings and enhances workplace safety.

OUCO aims to expand its global reach and innovate in improving port operations. We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming an industry leader through customized solutions for our customers.

OUCO Ships 3 Eco Hoppers to Japan!
Time: 2024-05-23
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