Before knowing the manufacturing process of marine cranes, let us briefly know what a marine crane is firstly.


As a special kind of crane, the marine crane is mainly applicable to the environment such as offshore and port. It is mostly used to shipping industry, such as handover of goods between cargo ships and marine food supplies.


Among them, cranes for deep sea can also perform more complex underwater operations, such as release and recovery of marine equipment, sea rescue, sea salvage and other important tasks.

Therefore, considering that offshore cranes are working at sea, end user will have higher quality requirements for offshore cranes. As one of the well-known marine cranes manufacturers in China, OUCO INDUSTRY paid much attention to the production process and process quality of cranes.Let us introduce to you, How to build a marine crane by OUCO?


Our technicians will communicate with client to obtain your customization needs and  Classification Society (IACS) certificates inquiry. After all requirements are finalized, our engineer team will design the crane CAD Drawing.

2.Classification Society (IACS) Approved Drawing

After the sketch is completed, it will be reviewed by a third-party agency. As a global supplier of crane, OUCO will select different classification societies for review according to the needs of customers. After the sketches are reviewed by the classification societies, we will start the formal processing process.


ABS Drawing certificate

3.Classification Society (IACS) Material Inspection

OUCO paid much attention to material Inspection. We selected the corresponding classification society inspection according to the needs of customers. Related classification society will double check it. Strict review of materials can ensure the quality of products. Usually we use Q345B steel plate, if the product you buy is used in cold areas, we will use Q345C, Q345D type steel plate, which can support the use of sub-zero temperature. If you have special requirements, whether it is corrosion-resistant AH36 ship plate or stronger S690, HG70 ship plate, we can also customize according to your needs.

ABS Material Inspection

4.Raw Material Cutting

After that, we will do the blanking, cutting and forming of the material, these steps are all taken care of by our roughing team. We generally use Flame Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine and Laser Cutting Machine, and we will choose the appropriate cutting method according to the needs.


Our welding process can reach welding procedure specification, such as WPS standard. Our welders are qualified by CCS,ABS and AWS. After welding,We will carefully polish the dents and welds to ensure the product is flat and beautiful.


welding process

6.Welding defect inspect

Third-party organizations perform non-destructive testing, such as radiographic or ultrasonic testing, to ensure product quality is absolutely safe and reliable. We use Ultrasonic detection to inspect the external defects, Internal defects or non-destructive test for weld joint.


CCS Welding defect inspect


When sandblasting (SA2.5) is completed, We will start the painting steps. Some marine cranes manufacturers will skip this step to reduce cost.However, the primer can easily peel off under natural conditions if skip sandblasting.In addition, our primer adopts high-quality epoxy zinc rich primer.We also use Jotun C5 Marine Standrad Topcoat. It dries quickly, has strong adhesion and strong anti-corrosion ability.

8.components certification

It is worth mentioning that all components of marine cranes produced by OUCO are also inspected by classification societies, such as our steel wire rope flange, winch, hook and pulley.

9.Simulate Marine Test

After pedestal installation and boom installation,debugging on a special platform which can simulate marine environment is necessary.We will test the range of heel and trim in the working state of the crane to check whether it is qualified.

boom installation


10.Classification society acceptance procedure

Classification society Inspectors and our staff will do the load tests on a special platform which can simulate marine environment outdoors.We will check the accuracy of the safe working load of the marine crane.


11.packaging and transport

Our packaging team takes care of the packing and delivery of the products. When the products arrive at your designated location, the crane is ready to be installed on your ship or other platform, and our engineers will provide you with installation guidance in various ways if needed.


As one of the most professional marine cranes manufacturers in China, OUCO has standardized production procedures. If you need to purchase marine cranes, we are worthy of your trust!

How to build a marine/offshore crane?
Time: 2022-03-14